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Your use of all the kinds of products and services on our platform currently offered or to be offered in future by the website, it is subsidiaries, affiliated, licensors, associates and partners through the website, all are subject to and governed by these Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Help, Promotions, Add Cash, My Account and Bring-A-Friend sections collective or respectively for each website or app including the sub-sections of these sections, as the case may be hereinafter known as “Terms”. We provide our registered users to experience the most exciting as well as fantastic opportunity to enjoy as well as to Play Rummy Online and we also provide the games that enable the players to play the online games with multiplayer over the internet.
If you do not wish to adhere to our all the Terms of Service including any of the future changes or modifications in our column of Terms of Services, you may opt to cease the use of any feature provided by our platform along with any kind of services that we offer to our users.


You are advised to read the agreement properly as well as accept and understand or agree to the terms and conditions given in this agreement before you use our any kind of services or offers in our platform.
You will be able to allow to use our offerings as well as services when you will agree on our all the kinds of terms and services as well as conditions. You shall abide by our agreement when you opt to use our games and services. We reserve the right to amend, modify as well as to change any kind of terms of this agreement at any time without giving any kind of prior notice. This thing will be under control of our technicians for this platform.
We shall notify you for such kind of chances by giving you a notice, either by notifying you with a notification in a manner we may deem fit or by posting the amended agreement on our platform. If you will not agree to the terms and conditions, you must stop using all the offerings as well as services provided by our platform. Your continued use of any kind of services will be deemed to constitute your acceptance of the changes to the agreement.


All the kind of tournaments as well as promotional games, practice games and cash games organized by our platform are collectively referred as “Games”
✔ We reserve the rights to match the players on the basic of their skill level
✔ The rule applicable to each type of game are provided under the help section on this platform
✔ We provide registered users the opportunity to access and play Online Games of their selected skills
✔ We provide software as well as many kind of services to enable you to play the game of skill with many other individuals over the internet
✔ All tournaments, promotional games, practice games as well as cash wining games are open for all the registered users on this platform
✔ The rules applicable to any kind of game are provided under the rules section on our platform
✔ Our platform may charge services of the cash games depending on the nature of the cash game and are subject to change from time to time
✔ This platform is legally obliged to deduct service tax for chip based games, which shall vary from one chip game to another chip game and from time to time
✔ Our services are provided with only one intention which is to facilitate our customers to play rummy online for entertainment
✔ The platform is not responsible for any act such as gambling or betting that takes place beyond our platform
✔ Form the day and time you get registered in our platform, you will be able to get all the services continuously for unlimited period until you send us a request to discontinue the service or your service is disable by us.


✔ We do not target the audience who are below 18 years of age. People who are below 18 years of age are prohibited from any kind of access of playing rummy online
✔ Any kind of information provided by you to us at the time of registration as well as during anytime subsequently, should be complete and truthful
✔ You are not allow to use any kind of services provided by us without the process of registration
✔ You must not allow anyone under the age of 18 years old to use to or to get access of your account. It is illegal for all the people whose age are below 18 years old to play any kind of game for money
✔ We own and reserve the right to ask you for the proof of the age at any time to verify that no one under 18 years of age is using any kind of services or offerings provided by our platform
✔ We have all the rights to close your account for providing false identify information or any kind of other false information such as false proof of age
✔ You shall understand that we reserve the right to request your address and identity proof in order to verify that any minor is not using your account
✔ You must have to understand and accept that our platform reserves the right to record the user content produced by way of chat message on this platform with the help of our features, if any, offered as a part of the services
✔ You must have to understand that the funds in your user registration account held by our platform do not carry any interest or return
✔ You must accept and understand that by viewing or using the platform, availing any of our services, or using communication feature on this platform, you may be exposed to content posted by the users which you may find offensive or irrelevant and objectionable
✔ You should represent yourself that you are not a politically exposed person
✔ You need to represent that you have not been convicted for any kind of crime and you have no criminal record


You shall be allowed to access online rummy games and all the services provided by our platform by registering. In order to take access to use all the services as well as offering by our platform, you must have to go through the process of registration. Your account must be used solely by you. You will be allow undertaking all the information provided by you to our platform at the time of opening the account or provided by you subsequently upon the request by the company, is true, complete and should be correct. If you do not agree to provide documents then we reserve the right to suspend your account registration to play rummy online and you will never get access to any of the services provided by our platform. You are agreeing to get your information as well as profile and all the documents verified by the third party service. All the information provided by you must be complete and true. We are obliged to cross check or verify information provided by you to our platform at the time of registration.


The privacy policy of your platform forms a part of the terms and all the personal information provided by you to us is of such nature that requires protection from unauthorized dissemination shall be dealt with in the manner provided in the privacy policy. Your password must be your own responsibility. Users registered on this platform to play rummy games online are solely responsible that they do not share their password with anyone including friends or family members.


We ensure fair play for all our customers accessing our services as well as offerings. We try to prevent users from doing any fraud while playing rummy games online and also in addition, we reserve the rights to monitor each and every action preformed by the user including the identify verification and deposits for safe as well as fair gaming. Any kind of detection of breach of our fair play policy, such as and not limited, fraudulent deposits under a stolen identity or collusion in game play, can result in swift as well as serious action as strict as blocking the user from our platform permanently. Here are some points that come under our fair play policy:
✔ Anti-Cheating and Anti-Collusion
✔ Money Laundering
✔ Multi IDs
✔ Offers and Deals
You must not post any kind of material or comment on any kind of media available for public access which, in our sole direction, is defamatory to our business interest, notwithstanding the fact that such media is not owned and controlled by us.


Here are some strict actions taken by our platform if our registered user is determined to breach any terms laid in the agreement of our platform of playing rummy online:
✔ Rejecting you from accessing from all our services and offerings
✔ Termination of our registered user account of the individual
✔ Report any illegal activity to the government agencies, payment gateways and banks
✔ Demand and recover for the damages caused due to breach of our terms as well as condition
✔ Permanently suspend your user account on the website
✔ Restrict games for users suspected of colluding or cheating or any kind of fraud
✔ Forfeit the cash balance in your user account


The platforms can its sole direction process refunds to you under the following circumstances:
✔ Accidental Transactions
✔ Fraudulent Transactions


While playing rummy online is legal in most parts of India and here our platform does not represent that no restrictions or conditions will be implemented in various states of the country on playing of rummy in the future.
So please, play at your own risk and read the entire disclaimer properly. Our platform, which is only for the purpose for Playing Rummy Online, shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that the website remains free of viruses or other harmful components and also we does not guarantee that the website shall always remain virus-free and assumes no responsibility for any harmful components or any malicious or disabling code or viruses or software that may affect the website of our platform or that a user may be exposed to as a result of using our platform for Playing Rummy Online.


Our platform confirms that this Privacy Policy is only a description of its operating regarding user information.
The liability of our Secured Platform shall be limited to removal of sensitive personal data from the system of the websites and removal of personally identifiable elements of the Other Personal Information. This Policy is not intended to and does not create any kind of legal rights in your favour or in the favour of any other person.


Employees, consultants, agents as well as directors of the company of our platform and any of their immediate relatives are prohibited from participating in any kind of cash game in any manner. Here we encourage all the players to play responsibly and also we are committed to helping players who wish to stop playing pr who wish to limit his or her amount that they play.
The terms and privacy policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of India. Any kind of dispute, controversy or any claim arising out of the term and privacy policy of our platform shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.
Our platform is not liable for any loss or any kind of damage caused while accessing our services as well as offerings in our website. You are allowed to terminate your account and stop accessing our all the services whenever you wish just by send us an e-mail.

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