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Rummy is one of the most ancient as well as popular game and is liked by most of the Indians. In this game a group of people meet and sit together to play but nowadays everyone is busy in their own life and do not have time for such things. But now, with the help of our platform, anyone can Play Rummy Anytime. Our technicians as well as Professional Team take care of all the security and safety of our platform and anyone can play Rummy Online. Now with the help of our platform, you can play Rummy Online while idle in the office or travelling or from your home. If you love playing cards then you can easily learn how to Play Rummy Online. This game is very interesting and is very easy to learn and play online.

  • Here are some basic instructions which will help you to play Rummy Games easily
  • Rummy Game is usually played between 2 to 6 players with 2 decks of cards. Total number of cards a player will have is 13 and a random card is selected as a Joker Card.
  • In second step, the player is required to draw discard the cards to form a valid sequence of all the 13 cards. In this case, player is also allowed to use joker or printed joker card of the deck to make impure sequence.
  • As per Indian Rummy Rules and regulations of playing this game online, if a player is able to arrange all the 13 cards in valid 2 sequences (including 1 pure sequence) then he or she can declare and win the Rummy Game.
Rules Of Rummy

How to play According To Rules Of Rummy?

  • Here are some of the basic rules for beginners who are very interesting to Play Rummy Online and get a chance to win many rewards and cash prizes:
  • In the beginning a toss will decide which player will get the chance to make the first move
  • Each player is dealt 13 cards face down. The next card is required to be placed face upon the table and rest of the cards are placed face down in the center of the table.
  • In next step, a single card is picked from the stock pile and placed face up under the stock pile so that it should be visible.
  • The main objective of the Rummy Game is to arrange all the 13 cards into a set or a sequence. There should be minimum 2 sequences out of which one should be Pure Sequence (it is a sequence which is made without a jokers) and the second sequence may be pure or impure. This game begins when a toss is tossed to decide which player will take the first move. If you want to Play Rummy Online, you should be focused on make a pure sequence.


  • Always try to form a Pure Sequence at the very beginning of the game. Without any Pure Sequence, any player cannot make any declaration and can win. Pure Sequence is very important for a player to win Rummy Game
  • Discard cards with high points such as Ace, Jack, King and Queen. Always try to replace these cards with joker or wild cards. This trick will help you to lose the point load in case if you are losing the game
  • Always try to avoid picking from the discard pile
  • Always try to look out for smart cards. This will increased your chances to win and to form a Pure Sequence or Sets
  • Don’t forget, Joker play an important role in Rummy Games and try to use them to replace high value cards. Joker and wild card cannot be the part of making the Pure Sequence but can help you in making Impure Sequence or Sets
  • If you think you are ready for declaration then check and recheck you cards always and press the button. An Invalid Declaration can make you lose the game
  • Never forget how to deal with the cards
  • There are two types of joker: Printed Joker, which has one printed joker in every deck of cards and Wild Card Joker, after cards are dealt among all the players, a card is opened and placed below the closed deck and that card is considered a joker for that game and is denoted as the Wild Card Joker
  • A joker can be picked from the open deck provided it is the first turn of the game
  • Always remember to stay focused, attentive, you should be good at counting cards and always keep an eye on the cards picked and discarded by opponents
  • With all the above guidance, anyone can start playing Rummy Online without any complications. Our platform is The Most Safest and Secured Place to Play Rummy Online. Play Rummy Online on our platform and get a chance to win exciting rewards as well as cash prizes now!
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