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Playing Rummy Online is not a small deal and many questions can buzz in your head but we are here to give every answer to your every quire. There are numbers of platform which provide you to Play Rummy Online but everyone should always check that it’s safe or not. Here we provide a platform to our customers to Play Rummy Online which uses the Best Technology which is very hard to hack and our team of Best and Professional Technicians has made our platform the Most Safest as well as Secured Placed to Play Rummy Online. Our main aim is to encourage all the Rummy Players to play responsibly and our team is committed to help their customers who are looking to Play Rummy Online. We are here to help our customers 24*7 anywhere and anytime!


1. Player must be 18 or above 18 of age to Play Rummy Games Online for Real Money. It is illegal for players to bet on money if they are below 18 years old
2. Players are required to set their monthly playing limit on their own. There is many kinds of options where a player can set his or her daily playing limit
3. Players can request for their accounts to be temporarily blocked
4. Players must follow our “Guide to Responsible Play” in order to keep a check on their play behaviour

Following are some best points which can help you to play responsibly:

• Play Rummy Game in moderation and only for entertainment
• Never chase your losses while playing Rummy Game Online
• Use the Add Cash Limit Option to help control the amount you spend on Rummy Games Online
• Do not play Rummy to make money or escape problem
• Always try to balance the time you spend on playing online rummy with other leisure activities
• Play Rummy Games Online just for entertainment and never be a part of any kind of fraud
✔ There can be many questions in your head while playing Rummy Game Online but here we are to provide you every answer and to clear all your doubts.


With digital payments growing rapidly in India, online platform are taking all the advantages of it. It is completely safe to Play Rummy Online and our platform is best when it comes to provide the Safety as well as the Security to our customers.
✔ If you are betting your money in Online Rummy Games then you should check that the platform is secure or not! With our great team and Security Department, our platform is the Best and The Most Secured Place to play Rummy Online.
✔ There are many kinds of Rummy which you can play online such as Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy. Our Online Rummy Platform use an automation system known as Random Number Generator (RGN) when helps to shuffle the cards in the Rummy Game.
✔ With the help of this technique, everyone can get a chance to win many rewards as well as cash prizes.
✔ Cards games involving money are infamous for being addictive. Players themselves should keep a check on their gaming by setting daily and monthly deposit limits.
✔ The platform also have a very strict policy against under-age gaming and prevent such users from opening accounts.
✔ Only players who are 18+ can make their account on our platform and can Play Rummy Game Online. In this secured platform of Playing Rummy Online, player’s confidentiality is protected above anything else. Hence it is the most Safe and Secure Platform to Play Rummy Online.

Rummy Players Love Magic Rummy

The exciting games, rewards, offers, bonuses & cash prizes keep me coming back for more. I have never faced any problem while depositing or with drawing the money. If you are looking for a trusted online rummy platform, then “Magic rummy” is the one for you!

Krishna, Gujarat

I’ve been playing on play Magic rummy for 2 years now and in my experience play Magic rummy is very good. I won first Place in IPL League Tournament and Won Rs 50,000 Cash Prize.

Sanjay Seth, Maharastra

I have had a great experience playing on Magic rummy ! Their interface is very smooth and user-friendly. I would strongly recommend Magic rummy to all card game lovers.

K Rishi, Karnataka

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